Obama's Healthcare Reform in Our Schools by txpatriot
Presedential Plea with Our Children
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My Children will NOT view this!
by txpatriot
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Gilmer ISD has plans, according to a reliable source, to show the President's Healthcare speech in schools on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. According to the source all children will be expected to watch this televised presentation. This is a plot by the Obama administration to indoctrinate our children to the mentality that will allow the government to ultimately oversee, run, dictate, meddle in, and enforce the type, level, amount, quality, quantity, and delivery of healthcare at first, but it will gradually grow to overtake our lives completely.  This is like a cancer! It starts off small and unnoticable and at first you don't even realize it is bad. Then as time passes, it consumes everything that is good, pushes all the things you knew out of the way, and then it kills you. You see, this is the "through the back door" way of getting this thing accomplished. As parents, you and I don't like it because it is new and we know better than to think this thing will be successful. If he slowly moves in, starting with our children, then because it is all they have ever know and it is "the norm" eventually it will be widely accepted and well liked. Think back to swimsuits in the fifties and sixties. When Marilyn Monroe and other top models of the day stepped out showing all that leg, it was horrible. Gradually it was accepted and now it is considered "the norm". Obama has moved into the financial institutions, then automobile industry, now healthcare, and the next topic of discussion is "telephone and internet czars".  If we as citizens don't stop this now, we will all have microchips implanted under our skins or barcodes tatooed on our foreheads!!! I see Aramagedden coming and I don't like it!! 

I am a Patriot!! I am mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!! My children will not watch this presentation. At least not without me there to clarify for them what was said. If you care about yourself and your family you will contact your school's principal or superintendent and tell them you are against this and, like myself, if necessary, keep them home from school on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. Forget Swine Flu....Fear Obama!!!

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April 18, 2010

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