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 “Dying in CorUpshur County”
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This is a story about the Otherones written by the Turdsownyou.

Many millenniums ago there were people called Otherones who were created by Shineonyou the divine creator of all things.  They had orange skin large reproductive organs and lived on a planet called Africosia. Africosia was a warm blue planet very rich in vegetation wildlife and minerals. Otherones were happy living off the land and remaining nude just they way Shineonyou created them. They were content with their life and had no desire to change. There were other people created by Shineonyou called Tuerdsownyou. Turdsownyous were purple with soft hair and lived in a nearby galaxy on planet called Ameribriton. Ameribriton was once a warm blue planet very rich in vegetation and minerals much like Africosia but over time Ameribrition had become cold and brown because the greedy Turdsownyous had consumed all of the vegetation and wildlife and depleted most of the gofastrium used to heat their homes fuel their spaceships and massive mining machines. A Turdsownyou who had done a lot of space exploration had an idea to travel to Africosia to get food and gofastrium. He said they could use the Otherones to gather the food and mine gofastrium so they could save the expense of moving the huge mining machines to Africosia. So they sent a massive ship to Africosia and captured some Otherones. Since the Turdsownyou and Otherones spoke very different languages the Turdsownyous beat the Otherones to get them to do what they wanted. This worked out so well for the Turdsownyous that they put some of Otherones in the feces tank on the ship and brought them back mine the remainder gofastrium on Ameribriton so they could save gofastrium by not running the big mining machines. Meanwhile they continued to transport food and gofastrium form Africosia. This worked out so good for Turdsownyous that they breed multitudes of Otherones to mine gofastrium until there was no more gofastrium on planet Ameribriton.  Then they had a problem. What would they do with all the Otherones? It wouldn’t be right to kill them they are people who were created by Shineonyou just like Turdsownyous and they didn’t have a spaceship that would carry a feces tank large enough to take them all back to Africosia. So the Turdsownyous turned the Otherones lose to make their own way and provide for themselves. This caused a lot of theft and other crimes because the Otherones had no way to get food but to steal it from the Terdsownyous. So The Turdsownyous built a lot of big feces tanks and any Otherone caught stealing food from a Turdsownyou was thrown in a feces tank. The Otherones in the feces tanks began to starve and the Turdsownyous being the good people that they were decided the right thing to do would be to feed them after all they were created by Shineonyou just like Turdsownyous. So they began to feed the Otherones in the feces tanks. This Turdsownyous continued to build feces tanks capture criminal Otherones put them in the tanks and feed them. This was such a burden on the Turdsownyous that they decided to just feed the other Otherones who were still free. This was still a big burden on the Turdsownyous and the Turdsownyous didn’t understand why the Otherones didn’t just build a space ship and go get their own dang food. So they decide to teach a few Otherones to speak upity the preferred Ameribriton language and see if they could talk to the other Otherones and find out what’s wrong with them. They took a few Otherones and put them through the finest schools the Ameribriton had to offer. The Turdsownyous were so impressed with the accomplishments of one of the highly educated Otherones that they appointed him to be world leader of all of Ameribriton. The new leader of Ameribriton wanted to teach the other Otherones to do such things as build spaceships seek out and acquire food and gofastrium so they could help Ameribriton and no longer be a burden on Turdsownyous. So he gathered up all the Otherones to see how they felt about it. The Otherones loved it and were very anxious to get to work. Then the leader of Ameribriton came to the Turdsownyous to see how they felt about it and they were disgusted that the leader of Ameribriton would even think of using hard earned Ameribriton money to teach Otherones. Otherones act as if we owe them something and we don’t trust you anyway. You’re orange and we wasted good Ameribriton money educating you. We saw you speaking to the Otherones in their native tong after we spent so much hard earned Ameribriton money teaching you to speak the upity language. You are nothing but another Otherone.

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