Microsoft Antivirus software Is Very Effective
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Viruses attack the computer often.  There should be some software that is having the ability to eradicate this virus. The Microsoft Company offers the free software for the antivirus. This software is quality software that scans the virus, malware and the spyware. Microsoft antivirus software protects the computer from any virus that has the possibilities of spoiling the working of the computer. This software is absolutely free. The software is for the later versions. However, if your computer is of an older version then you need to purchase some other Microsoft antivirus suiting your version.

We cannot install the free Microsoft antivirus software, if the computer is not running on genuine windows. Virus is the real threat for the computers. There are many personal details like credit cards and bank numbers. Therefore, a virus will pose a severe threat to computers. The Microsoft Company introduced the antivirus software for the safety of computers. If you are going online and downloading things then it is very necessary for protection. Some of the infectious virus like the Trojans and the malware will make the computer crippled. The files will lose its data slowly.

Protect the system properly from the virus. If you do not have an antivirus in the system and there is a slowdown in the system then you have to download the antivirus and look into the virus. Microsoft antivirus software is very effective and gives full protection for the computer. One scan at regular intervals will surely protect the computer from any malicious virus. This action is absolutely free.  The antivirus will eradicate the virus, Trojans, boot sector virus and worms. There is new virus unleashed into the line daily so our computer should be able to protect itself with the help of the antivirus software.

The antivirus is like immunization to the computer. It protects the computer from the virus and also from the malware that try to rob the personal details from your computer. The virus can attack the computer in different forms. The attachments and the e-mails will carry viruses. This virus may come from a well known friend of yours, too. However, he will surely not be aware about this virus. Many viruses have the power to access the address book and send messages that contain virus. To avoid such problems try not to open some of the attachments. Some of the advertisements and pop ups also contain virus which can get into your computer by just a click.

Always install best antivirus software and regularly scan the computer to avoid any problems. The software will show the threats and also mitigates the virus. Even a small virus is dangerous to your computer. So try to eradicate the virus in the initial stages. You want to eradicate the virus and make your computer work efficiently, and then you have to install an antivirus compulsorily. The antivirus software will not allow the files attached with virus into the computer


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