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Reviews are reputed to offer a very comprehensive and detailed account of the numerous anti spyware and anti virus programs. Users are able to assess the pros and cons of each program and these reviews further enable them to be fully aware as to what is the latest trend in demand of these programs. As per the report of the top most antivirus software reviews of the year 2010, some of the best available ones include Panda, BitFender, Norton, McAfee and Trend Micro antivirus.  As averse to picking up randomly on any software, these reviews prevent wastage of money on the whole. 

If one goes deeper into antivirus software reviews, it can greatly assist one in choosing the best anti virus for your computer. However for you to come to any decision, you also need to know the latest threats when it comes to various spywares, viruses, Trojans etc. Here Microsoft plays a very wide role in protection. Microsoft posts the latest viruses, Trojan and software program on its website for its users. Therefore it’s worth taking a look at them as to what are the newest dangers when comes to viruses. Therefore, by reading antivirus software reviews you can land up with the best anti virus software to protect your system.

 Moreover all these anti virus software reviews sites also help try to create awareness and inculcate in the readers the importance of installing such tools in their computers. They also emphasize upon the possibility of virus attacks, crashing of harddisks, spam emails from your personal account and other hazards if one fails to protect ones system from the exploitation of the internet.

However on the flip side, some people are of the opinion that since these reviews is purely subjective it’s very difficult for an individual to make a fair comparison and actually come to any conclusion. It becomes all the more tedious to read antivirus software reviews from a rational perspective each time but one fact that cannot be ignored is that the popularity of a software or any product for that matter, solely depends on the number of good or bad reviews written and that’s how the people judge the entire situation.

Now moving on to how to initiate your search you need to visit the websites of various companies that offer antivirus software reviews. Here AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin are the popular ones in this industry. Another alternative is computer magazines that can be simply bought from a newsstand or read from their websites. You could also get to talk to users online and can actually discuss how particular software responded on people’s computers therefore this becomes another way of effective reviewing. Since these reviews are supposed to focus on the efficacies of the software’s job i.e. the hunt and elimination of viruses, thus when you’ve carried out your research (which will also cover the speed and solidity of your computer), you should download a trial version to test it before opting to buy only to find it incompatible with your pc’s make.

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