letter to my lawyer
by Calvin_Monasco
 I refuse to put my family on the street.
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I have mentioned that I may need your help in a civil case after appeal. I said I may need to send you a brief. I have thought since that it may be easier to send my blogs. I have even received death threats by phone over this. Please click the following links. I will try to give them to you in the order in which they were written. Imagine that right while I was writing this a state trooper showed up at my door saying that there had been a complaint that I was shooting a gun. I was sitting in my living room writing on my blogs. I called the Sheriff’s Department to file a complaint of someone making false police reports and was told that I must contact the justice of piece about harassment. This happened only moments after I posted the blog Justice at last, Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. OK now that we are through being interrupted here are the links.

bad to the bone

update bad to the bone

no justice


update to homeless

update to update to homeless

Larry is home from hospital

pure evil

attention readers

final cry

What can one person do?

Justice at last, Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

letter to my lawyer

I also have something else going on that I have elected to get a free lawyer for unless you are interested. If so see the following blogs.

Upshur County Indigent Care violates Texas statutes

 Upshur County Indigent Care 1

Upshur County Indigent Care 2

Upshur County Indigent Care 3


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