Ima Patriot (& how!!) by ImaPatriot
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by ImaPatriot
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As a "Texan Wannabe", I have constantly been in love with the state since the first time we drove through it as a FAMILY on vacation back in the 60's.

At that time, I was a wide-eyed kid in the back of our Plymouth station wagon making the rounds from the Dallas' "Grassy Knoll", to the Alamo, to El Paso & beyond. Ever present in the rear window to all that passed my Dad since he was "slow-to-go " while in his "Vacation-Mode" of driving style.(Known today as the "Ol' Poop" on wheels)

The one thing that ALWAYS impressed me the MOST was the sense of patriotism that permeated the state from North to South & East to West!! The sense of knowing EXACTLY where they had come from & where they were going, and where they wanted to be in life!!

This is the SAME as the Founding Fathers had when they decided to "take on " the King of England!! The knowledge that they were to be their OWN bosses. Their OWN leadership. And that they had the need & want to make their OWN destiny. All in the pursuit of Liberty & Freedom!!

So, if you want to read MORE about stuff like this, come to I think you'll be pleased at what you'll read there. I know others are. I hear it all the time. And, please, don't be afraid to leave a comment. It's the only way I have of knowing how I'm doing!!! See ya there!!


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